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Available Services

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Occupational Therapy

Individual (1:1) occupational therapy (OT) sessions are tailored to meet your child’s specific needs, facilitated in an inviting environment, and targeted to reflect and follow your child’s special interests through play-based interventions. The work we do at MPJ Therapy is rooted in sensory processing and understanding the foundational spaces of development. Within this focus, some sessions may work on fine motor skills such as grasp and in-hand manipulation;  work on gross motor skills that require strength, coordination, and balance; or target executive functions skills your child needs to plan and organize, filter distractions, or execute multi-step directions, all intended to assist your child in moving through the world with skill and confidence. 



When we are working with a child, we are working with your whole family. We see the parent as the expert on their child and we are honored to work alongside parent (s) to collaborate and create together plan of care that works best for your family. Michaja meets with each MPJ Therapy Family once every quarter to connect over growth, progress, questions, and next steps on the child's therapeutic journey. This supports the "why" behind therapy & give strategies to use at home that can support progress & change.  

Nature Based

Social Groups

Nature Based Therapy seeks to incorporate the ever changing living environment into treatment sessions, making nature a partner in the therapeutic process. Nature based therapy invites children to move across the terrain, stop to investigate and engage, listen to the sounds, and take in the natural sensations all while working on skills such as motor coordination, confidence, self-regulation, growth mindset, attention, and/or 2-way communication. Structured and unstructured play opportunities allow children to play, be inquisitive, take risks, and discover new things about themselves and the world around them.



MPJ Therapy has been partnering alongside local schools and providing free screenings for occupational therapy as a way to support educators, parents, & our community. 



Potty Training is a developmental milestone that requires patience, practice, and support. While some children seem to develop the skill with ease, other children may struggle, leading families to wonder what steps to take to support their child on this important journey. We seek to help by looking at each child holistically. We look at motor skill, sensory challenges, planning/organizing challenges and other important skills that may be limiting success. We are here to help make this milestone one for you and your child to celebrate.

Speech Therapy Partnership

MPJ Therapy partners with AG SLP to provide in house 1:1 speech therapy. Our strategic partnership allows for co-treat's or back to back sessions with OT & SLP in the same therapeutic space. 

Speaking Engagements

Michaja Johnson & her team are available to provide trainings & consultations specific to sensory processing, executive function, emotional regulation & toilet learning.

Tomatis Method Intensives

Michaja Johnson is one of five clinicians in the state of Illinois credentialed & trained in the Tomatis Method which is a sound stimulation program to enhance learning and attention, decrease impulsivity, & integrate auditory stimulation neurologically. This work can be done in conjunction with therapy or as a stand alone intensive. Please reach out for more information. 

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