About Us

We believe in the power of relationships to break down barriers, limits, and labels.

We are a family- centered practice that focuses on coaching parents & caregivers to understand their child and all of the beauty their child innately has.

We are a strength-based practice that builds therapeutic goals out of the child’s

natural interests & motivations.

We love to have FUN and find the joy through each step!

Clinicians who believe children learn through play, so each session is designed with play at the center.

Clinicians who specialize in practices of sensory integration and DIR®/Floortime (The Developmental, Individual-Differences and Relationship Model)

An inclusive, sensory minded space to provide 1:1 individual OT sessions

A play-based, relationship driven, child-led pediatric occupational therapy practice in Bloomingdale, IL

Who are we?

Founder, Occupational Therapist

Michaja Prendergast Johnson

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Michaja Johnson is an occupational therapist & the owner of MPJ OT, a therapeutic organization in the western suburbs of Chicago providing family centered, neuro-diversity affirming, therapeutic interventions focused on sensory processing and social emotional development. She is very passionate about her work with children and families using the power of play and relationships to see children thrive in all environments.

Michaja is a DIR Floortime® practitioner, SIPT (Sensory Integration & Praxis) certified, Sensory Integration Network certified & is passionate about building her knowledge in multiple domains to support the kids & families she works with. 


When not at work she is most likely with her family; seeking adventures and finding coffee!

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Tish Graff, Michaja Johnson , MPJTherapy

Occupational Therapist

Tish Graf

Tish Graf is a pediatric occupational therapist who values the beauty and individuality that resides within each of the clients she is privileged to work with at MPJ OT.  She is a play-based, family-centered therapist who has a strong interest in a nature-based approach which seeks to use the outdoor natural environment as a co-facilitator of the therapeutic process . Using this mindset, she believes nature is part of the therapy, not just a place to be during therapy. Tish has an undergraduate education degree from the University of Michigan, a master’s degree in audiology from Rush University (Chicago), a master’s degree in occupational therapy from Western Michigan University, and is a DIR Floortime® practitioner.


Tish is a life-long learner who had jobs working with horses, as a pastry chef, and as a yoga studio owner/ instructor. She continues to learn about the dynamic field of pediatric occupational therapy by attending courses and conferences including the SOS Feeding Conference; American Hippotherapy Association level 1 Treatment Principles Course;  Sensory Integration Network SI module 1 (Foundations & Neuroscience); and Handwriting without Tears.


When not working, you can find Tish walking in the woods, visiting with friends, talking to her daughter (who is the absolute joy of her life),  or dressing the part of an 1890’s farmer while volunteering at a historic farm in West Chicago, IL. 

Alyssa Giacalone

Contract Partner

Speech & Language Pathologist

AG SLP, LLC is a practice owned by speech-language pathologist, Alyssa Giacalone. Alyssa specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with communication differences.


Her unique practice places the relationship at the forefront of therapy to promote authentic and meaningful interactions. She incorporates several facets of development into her therapeutic interventions from occupational therapists and mental health therapists to create supportive sensory environments and social emotional support and development.


She is a DIR®/Floortime provider and supports children with developmental differences including; Autism, receptive and expressive language differences, developmental delay, social communication disorders, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and motor speech disorders.

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